What a Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Her

Naturally, we all prefer one sleeping position when we go to bed. It is the best one, the one that helps us fall asleep more easily and that makes our night very comfortable. Nevertheless, did you know that there is a connection between the sleeping position of a woman and her personality? Yes, indeed. The sleeping positions and habits can show a lot of things about you and your personality. Therefore, we are here today to present you a couple of sleep positions which will show you specific personality traits and they will explain some stresses that we have been facing as well. Just keep reading.

What Your Sleeping Position Can Reveal About You

1. Stomach Sleepers (Freefall Sleep Position)

If a woman sleeps on the stomach, with the hands tucked underneath or around the pillow, it means that she is bold, secretly nervous and over-sensitive to criticism. Apart from the fact that this sleep position can increase back and neck pain, you will need a hard mattress as well. Plus, if you want to prevent back and neck pain, you will need a very thin and soft pillow.

2. The Hugger

A woman that sleeps like she is hugging the pillow, is a woman who values bonds in her life. These women are usually people-pleasers, trustworthy, reliable, loyal and very open with other people.

3. Fetal Position

If a woman sleeps on the side with knees pulled towards the chest, it means that she is shy, sensitive and worries too much. This is one of the most common positions in women. This position also shows that a woman will over-think a lot about her problems, even if her outside exterior is very tough. What is more, this also means that the woman is warm, conscientious, and very organized.

4. Back Sleepers (Board/Soldier Sleep Position

If a woman sleeps on the back with the arms near the body and down to the side, it means that she is reserved and quiet and she is very structured and takes herself very seriously. Nevertheless, this position can trigger snoring issues and this will decrease the sleep quality. However, this position is the best one if you want to prevent pain.

We really hope this information was very interesting and useful for you and we hope you realize that sleeping and sleeping patterns can tell a lot about a person. So, which type of a woman are you? Share

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