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The New Toothpaste That Leaves Dentists Without Work!

Even the smell of the dentist’s office makes some people uncomfortable, and not to mention the unpleasant feeling of teeth reparation which involves drilling with several different dental drills. The buzzing is sometimes so annoying and painful that you have the filing as if your whole head vibrates. Tooth decay is the main reason because of which these procedures are performed, but scientists from Japan have developed a great alternative way of healing tooth decay.

How Does Tooth Decay Occur?

Tooth decay and creation of cavities are complex progressive processes which take several months to several years to develop. They are triggered the consequence of dental caries forming in the teeth, and several factors affect their development, such as acidic environment in the mouth (low pH), poor hygiene, overuse of sugar in diet, and tooth fracture. All these factors cause injuries of the outer, protective layer of the tooth called enamel and subsequent infection of deeper tooth structures – dentin, pulp and cement.

How Is Tooth Decay Manifested?

The first sign of tooth decay are black spots and then larger black plaques of caries on the teeth surface. As the infection progresses, you can see cavity formation which destructs the tooth structures over time. When the tooth pain appears, it means that the caries has reached the nerve endings located in the pulp. In that case, dentist’s intervention is necessary. Tooth pain usually gets worse by applying pressure and cold or hot food on the affected tooth.

Current Treatment Option

Depending on the severity of tooth decay, the dentist decides which procedure to undertake. However, they all have the same purpose – removing the affected parts of the tooth by drilling and filling the tooth with synthetic materials. This can be very painful and uncomfortable, especially in case of already existing tooth pain. Not to mention that you need to visit the dentist’s office several times in order to heal the tooth properly before filling the cavities.

Revolutionary New Approach

A group of scientists from Japan have developed a paste which is more efficient than standard fillings and does not require drilling. This is applicable in the beginning phases of tooth decay and it prevents further diminishment of the tooth tissue. By eliminating the need to remove caries-affected parts of the teeth, this new method could introduce revolution in standard tooth healing, which is still in 21st century a painful, unpleasant, and time-consuming procedure. For now, the paste is tested in experimental models and it will hopefully be available soon in every dentist office.

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