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Homemade Shaving Cream For Ladies: Smooth Up, Smell Good & It’s Healthy

Ok, we have to admit it….its the time of year that most of us like to keep ourselves nice and cleanly shaved. Maybe you had a long winter, like us, and only shaved every couple weeks? OK, I am guilty of that! Well, no matter what, it is getting to be shorts, swimsuit, and capri time of year….so that means more regular shaving.

Homemade Shaving Cream for Ladies

I decided to experiment with a few recipes and eventually came up with this one for the womens shaving cream. It is an easy, few ingredient, recipe. It goes on smooth, smells nice, is healthy, and best of all, doesn’t get hard after a few days. I have been using it regularly and am very pleased with it and I know you will be too!

Ingredients & Steps:

melt together:

  • 1/2 cup Shea Butter
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil

Once melted, add in:

  • 10 drops Lime Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Orange Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

Refrigerate this until firms up (approximately 20 minutes).


Once cooled and slightly firm, place in your mixer or use a hand mixer to beat until smooth and gets slightly airy. It will actually go from the beige type color to a nice whitened color. After whipping it for approximately 3 minutes, add in 1 Tablespoon Aloe Vera.

That’s it….so easy!! I placed mine in a nice little jar that seals up, so I could keep it in my shower without getting any water in it. I love it!

I am not much of a lotion person, but I love the feel that this gives my legs and under my arms. It feels like a nice, protective soft coat once I have shaved. My legs actually used to itch terribly after shaving, but since using this for shaving cream, they have not done that. They feel silky soft and clean and fresh!

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